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Ipokia Polytechnic: A Ticking Time-Bomb for Dapo Abiodun

Ipokia Polytechnic: A Ticking Time-Bomb for Dapo Abiodun 


Damilola Adelesi

Ogun Governor-Elect, Dapo Abiodun has unveiled his plan to scrap Ogun State Polytechnic, Ipokia when he assumes office, hence planning the resuscitation of the fading Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta.

The scraping of the new institution is in clash with the decision of the incumbent Governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun, who had recently made moves to convert the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic to Moshood Abiola University of Technology and relocate the Ogun State Polytechnic to Ipokia area of Ogun State.

While the decision of the governor was acceptable to some people, some academic staffs have shown disapproval to the Ogun State Government resign and reapply strategy of employing new staffs to the institution, while some alumni sees the decision as a murder of their academic heritage.

Unbothered with the notice of the Governor-Elect, Governor Ibikunle Amosun has declared that his administration will ensure the completion of the Ogun State Polytechnic, Ipokia before the end of his tenure.

Flashback to the earlier decision of Governor Ibikunle Amosun to scrap the Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), this lone decision resulted in crisis, death of people, and political oblivion of some persons in the State. The same decision is believed to have worked against the re-election bid of an ally of Governor Amosun, who performed wonderfully with outstanding achievements, but was reported to have taken sides with the Governor on the decision to scrap TASUED.

The decision of Governor-Elect Dapo Abiodun to scrap the Ipokia Polytechnic might create great unrest in the state, and hence work against the New Governor in face of the Yewa/Awori People, who believes the new institution will aid development in the area.

In an interview with an educationist, who pleaded anonymity, he said the decision of the Governor-Elect to scrap the institution is for the good interest of the people. He further stated that Ogun State is blessed with enough tertiary institutions, and additional ones are not adding values, but rather creating financial pressure on the state. He disclosed that Ogun State Government has been unable to fund the institutions it possesses, and bringing yet another one is definitely going to be an additional burden on the state.

On the other side, Governor Amosun has vowed to ensure the institution begins operation before his departure from Oke-Mosan May 2019. He has fast-tracked the process of putting the institution on green light, with his recent inauguration of the governing council for Ogun State Polytechnic, Ipokia.

With the funds of the state committed on the project, the people employed, the development prospects of Ogun Westerners, and the students whose hope lies on getting admitted into the new polytechnic, if not properly managed, this might yet be a ticking time bomb for Prince Dapo Abiodun.

The Governor-Elect has so many wars to face, and yet bringing forth the scrapping of a tertiary institution might set another enmity between the Ogun westerners, who believes Prince Dapo Abiodun clinched the seat that belongs to them.

Despite the financial constraints this new institution will bring on Ogun State Economy, the negative impact and political damages of scrapping the institution can never be estimated. This is definitely a great war ahead, which if not properly managed, can take a horrible dimension.

Dr Tellington Ekundayo on Ogun 2019 Governorship Whatsapp Platform said by the characteristic nature of Governor Ibikunle Amosun, he might not have good intention for success of the incoming administration, but to actually complicate problems for his successor. However, he advised that the incoming administration to handle each of SIA’s traps with best of wisdom so that the new administration does not indirectly create new sociological and political problems for itself.

“I wish your government the best but it is better not to handle every created problem for you by SIA with anger, but with most rationalized mind-set and cool headedness to win more voters at the locations where your party was rejected. Where they could reason that the incoming government is fair to all, respectful, kind and never with an iota of despotism like SIA. If you could wisely handle dangerously set traps for your government, you will be the beneficiary of the gains therefrom.” Dr Tellington added.

However, Governor Ibikunle Amosun has ordered the actualization and immediate take-off of Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology, Abeokuta.

As events unfold, if not properly managed, Prince Dapo Abiodun might lost his re-election bid, if his decisions are taken emotionally, rather than tactically. The level of approach his allies are giving issues in the state might spur the anger of the Governor-Elect, hence creating more problems in future.

As Good citizens of Ogun State, we can only pray and wish our governor well, his inner man will play a great role at seeing him through the four years tenure. His wars are definitely not wars from outside, they are wars within. The greatest opposition of this administration lies within his own house, while some are visible now, some will reveal in future.

The time is ticking, the bomb is waiting to detonate, and either to defuse the bomb, take refuge or get consumed by the bomb, the decision lies with Ogun Governor-Elect, Prince Dapo Abiodun. But as responsive and responsible citizens, we will always remember him in our prayers.

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