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An Open letter to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun by Remo APC Youths
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An Open letter to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun by Remo APC Youths 

1st October, 2019

His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun,
Executive Governor of Ogun State,
Oke Mosan, Abeokuta.

Dear Sir,


On behalf of youths of APC across Remo Kingdom, we convey our warmest greetings, and congratulate you on the 59th Independence anniversary of our dear country, Nigeria.

We youths of Remo APC appreciate your efforts towards the progress of our dear party (APC), development and growth of Remo Kingdom, as well as your role in ensuring peace and security in Remo axis before, during and after the 2019 general elections.

Having observed the play of events and the political terrain for over six weeks, we wish to express our deep concerns and utmost reservations on the turn of events, particularly as it relates directly to genuine members of APC Remo, who laboured assiduously, took daring risks in the face of APM oppressors and other adversaries in the 2019 General Elections (March 2019 Gubernatorial poll in particular).

It is understandable that the business of governance, though appears and sounds easy to handle, is one very onerous task that requires caution and care in handling, added to fact that the immediate past OGSG purportedly created overwhelming booby traps for Your Excellency to inherit, amongst numerous other plots, known and yet unknown, to ensure Your Excellency fails, God forbid! Thus we understand fully, the reasons why you are yet to set up your cabinet, and as such we are still very hopeful of due consideration of the youth membership of APC in Remo and Ogun State generally for appointment into cabinet.

It is an ‘open secret’ that one of the vital ways governments empower teeming youths who laboured hard for its electoral success in successive administrations (food for the boys) is the leadership of Transport Unions, such as ACOMORAN, NURTW, RTEAN and AMORAN, amongst several other arrangements. Weeks ago, we applauded, and truly still support firmly, your decision and action in setting up a central Committee to steer the affairs of all transport unions in the state. In its very commendable wisdom, the central committee then appointed party loyalists into Caretaker Committees to steer the affairs of each union and as well report back to it. However sir, we consider it indeed disappointing to realize that somehow, elements of opposition were considered and appointed into the caretaker committees (AMORAN precisely) at the detriment of genuine, card carrying members of APC. Reasons that account for this remain unknown. For instance, in Sagamu, the major beneficiary of the 4 months old Ogun APC Government we worked hard for its victory at the polls, is a card carrying member of the PDP till date. One who vigorously campaigned against Your Excellency at the polls, and as a matter of fact deployed huge resources to effect same in his Makun constituency, but for the good grace of our people and benevolence of God, we conquered and won same and other constituencies for Your Excellency, this can be verified by frontline APC leaders of Sagamu LG. It is a known fact that we youths of APC are very tolerating, and by default we keep our arms open to welcome new entrants and decampees into our ever growing party. As a matter of fact, we believe very much in the slant; “…the more, the merrier”. Thus, whoever has come to join us is very much welcome as long as such person(s) does so in honour and appropriately in line with party constitution, regulations and ethics. Had this been done by the fellow appointed into the AMORAN caretaker committee by the central Transport Committee to represent Remo, we might not have been irked. This hurts our sensibilities and considered unfair on we APC youths across Remo.

Sir, it vexes us collectively, each time these same elements of opposition mock us daringly at every given opportunity. We hold it on good record, several instances where and when the appointee in question and his cohorts have harassed and slighted leaders of the party in same Sagamu LG. That is not to mention countless occasions same persons assaulted youths of the party so brazenly. Sometime ago, but for the intervention of a highly respected party leader, party youths almost took to confrontation to resist the fellow’s daring excesses and oppression.

More often than not, same person boasts around town that he will use his money to get all he wants from the party before the party will wake up from its sleep. Pray, we keep pondering over these incessant insults. We wonder what he means by the party is alseep, as well what he means each time he boasts of himself inducing our party leaders, same leaders whom we hold in high esteem, with money (except we are to believe truly some of our leaders have started to encourage corruption and sale of benefits of politics and democracy to the highest bidder, even if they are core members of opposition. We do not want to think or believe that to be true)

We wish to remind Your Excellency of your promise of fairness, justice and reward for loyalty and hardwork, which remain your popular core principles. It is on this premise that we appeal that you kindly intervene through your grace and proximity with those you have put in charge of these unions. Whatever is due to genuine members of the party should graciously be dispensed as so. As well, following the ongoing arrangement in the Transport and Trade Unions, by your grace, it will be a lot pleasing if Remo youths of APC currently aspiring to lead few of the transport and trade unions are first confirmed and verified by leaders of the party in their respective wards and local governments to be genuine party loyalists. We are well are of the ongoing tussle for the leadership of AMORAN viz a viz its zoning to Remo, we appeal that you kindly give credence to the ambitions of ever supportive Remo Youths in the bid to occupy the Chairmanship of AMORAN.

We look forward to your timely intervention.

Long Live Remoland!
Long Live APC!
Long Live Ogun State!

Comrade Adebayo Adetowubo

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